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What prompted me refreshing my entire kitchen? These incredible new Caraway pans!

This post is sponsored by Caraway; all thoughts and opinions are genuinely mine.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I did a little refresh of my kitchen over the past month or so - I got a new motorized shade, cabinet hardware, created a little coffee bar corner (even though I don’t drink coffee and my husband is annoyed I got rid of the ugly Keurig pod storage system he had), and put out some new decor on my countertops.

Literally the entire reason I did this is because my new Caraway pots & pans had arrived and my kitchen was feeling underdressed. These pans are seriously so beautiful, and I must admit I feel a little boujee (bougie? How are we spelling this word?) when I use them. But what I’ve come to discover during my first month of using them is that they are also delivering on the promise of HIGH quality. You can see them in action in this video I created on IG.

The top selling feature of the Caraway pans is their incredible non-stick quality. And MAN - does it live up to the hype. These pans are a ceramic non-stick and are 100% non-toxic, which is of course an excellent bonus. Making your kitchen prettier and healthier in one fell swoop.

I’ve only had my pans about a month, and at the advice of my friend who recommended Caraway to me, I carefully read the detailed care instructions that came with my pots & pans. The most important thing to know is that these pans do require some special care, especially when it comes to the heat that you use. I have a gas range that gets VERY hot, so following the instructions I only use low-medium heat on my pans in order to maintain the non-stick finish. It takes a *little* longer for them to heat up, but they get just as hot as my other pans and stay HOT once they’re heated.

Another important thing to note is around cleaning the pans. Again, to maintain the non-stick, you never want to try to rinse or wash your pan while it is still hot (though I feel like that’s fairly common sense at this point) and you should not - nor do you need to - use any abrasive scrubby action. Just a light rinse with soap and a soft cloth or sponge does the trick for these babies! They’re so easy to clean.

Another incredible thing about the Caraway products is that each set comes with a custom-designed storage system to house all of the pieces while they’re not in use. Here you can see the magnetic upright storage system for the pots & pans as well as the canvas lid storage which you can affix to the inside of a cabinet door to save space. Seriously SO handy.

The bakeware also comes with an awesome little caddy to store all the cookie sheets & other bakeware upright in their own designated slots. This system, too, is magnetic. They even throw in some cork potholders to protect your countertops and other surfaces from the hot pans - all of this is included!

The last thing I have to rave about is my new tea kettle. It’s SO adorable that it has a permanent home on the stovetop. I love that it matches the rest of my cookware and the fact that it’s so cute and always on display has inspired me to start drinking tea every day again, so there’s another point for Caraway improving my life - lol.

I will be sure to do an update in a few months of how the pans are holding up - but like I said, a good friend of mine recommended these to me. She’s had hers for over a year now and she sent me pictures to show how amazingly they’re still looking and functioning and I was SOLD.

They also come in so many beautiful colours - grey, green, pink, navy, teal, yellow; gold handles, copper handles - you name it! Be sure to check out the full selection.

If you shop using THIS LINK, you can save 10% off your purchase until April 17th!

Please let me know if you have any questions at all by commenting here or messaging me on Instagram! I’ve already had a few friends over there order themselves some of these bad boys and I’m so excited to see the different colours they got!



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